Review: i̶P̶h̶o̶n̶e̶ ̶4̶G̶[̶S̶]̶ Cookie Case

Like my i̶P̶h̶o̶n̶e̶ ̶4̶G̶[̶S̶]̶? OK, by now I should inform you that iFans doesn’t have an iPhone 4G[S] or we would have told you about it before we reviewed it. We don’t know what the iPhone 4G[S] looks like, how it will function, or even any specs. This review, however, is about the CookieCase Touch, a nice, deceptively creative case created by CookieCat LLC. This case disguises your iPod as a shiny iPhone 4. It works pretty well too! I’ve had a couple friends come up with the look of confusion on their faces, “You have an iPhone?” Another one comes up and asks, “Is that an iPhone? Wait, what? What is that?” It is definitely able to catch eyes’ attention. The CookieCase not only has a unique, yet familiar design, it also offers great overall build, good protection, and a big bang for your buck.  Read on for the full review:


There is no doubt about it; I’m not going to beat around the corner either… OK, maybe a little beating around corners. This case was inspired by the designers in Cupertino who had to sculpt the iPhone 4. There are some differences though, nothing major though.

The case’s design was inspired by the iPhone 4. Why wouldn’t it? The iPhone 4 is such a beautiful device.

The case itself is really elegant and features a nice, brushed, and metallic outer edge that sparkles and just looks gorgeous. The buttons on the case, unlike the iPhone 4, are not metal. Instead, plastic is the material of choice. This doesn’t kill the design at all however as it still looks wonderful. The back plate of the CookieCase is a glaringly, reflective plastic that is available in a translucent black color. This allows the back of your iPod to be shown and adds an extra sense of shape and texture to the case. One minor problem I do have with the case is that the back is easily scratched, which can, in the long run, make the case look unattractive.

The back of this case is a translucent black, not a solid black color.

As stated before, the case does offer black, plastic buttons for the volume rocker and sleep/wake button on the iPod. There is a hole for the iPod’s camera as well. The button locations will actually help users who aren’t used to the new location of the iPod Touch’s sleep button as it becomes easier to press.

The case offers users external, plastic buttons for volume and power.

Now, the company did do enough to allow people to differentiate between this case and the iPhone. If you still can’t differentiate between them, then simply hold the iPod with your left hand shown below. Unlike the iPhone 4, you won’t lose signal with this case.

Unlike the iPhone 4, you do not need to hold different.

Overall, the case is just gorgeous and really stands out in the crowd since it highly resembles an iPhone, but just misses the mark. In a sense, it’s the poor man’s iPhone. The design is really brilliant, and if you like the feel of the flat iPhone, this will definitely be for you.

Design: ★★★★½


A beautiful design doesn’t always lead to amazing protection. The CookieCase is either hit or miss when it comes to the protecting your shiny iDevice. Let’s start by saying that, unlike the iPhone 4, if you drop it, the case won’t shatter like the iPhone might. This is a good start.

If there is one gripe I have with this case, it has to be that it doesn’t protect the front of the iPod as well as I’d like it too. With the case installed, it leaves the entire front of the iPod exposed to the outside world allowing it to be damaged. So if dropped on the front, this case may not protect your iPod’s glass from being shattered. It should still protect the iPod 9 times out of 10 though.

The rest of the iPod is protected though. The aluminum edges are really strong and will definitely do their job protecting the sides of the iPod. The dock of the iPod is still exposed to allow correct use of the dock connector and headphone jack though. This is the other minor flaw with the case, but not as big as the front-side protection.

The dock of the iPod is exposed, which can lead to some negative consequences.

The back of the case, although it does scratch easily, is strong and will definitely protect the iPod from damage. It will also protect the iPod from scratches; better for the case to be scratched rather than the iPod itself. Overall, the build quality of the case is good, it just has a couple problems. Overall, I do trust my iPod in the CookieCase.

Protection: ★★★★


The poor man’s iPhone 4 isn’t as cheap as it sounds. This case will run you about 35 dollars on Amazon if you buy direct from the company. This is a pretty steep price for the case. The main downside here is the protection that it offers. This is not to say that it won’t protect your device, it actually protects 80% of it. The trade off with the protection is that the problems were mainly implemented for usability. Your screen, dock, and headphone jack are accessible without removing the case. Overall, the design really can’t be beat, it turns your iPod into something that resembles, and can be mistaken for, an iPhone 4. Who doesn’t want that? The case is an absolute beauty!

Although the dock isn’t protected by the case, it allows the device to be charged without removing the case.

Value: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

Well, this isn’t an iPhone 4G[S] review, sorry I had to send you off board. The CookieCase is a unique idea for a case in terms of its design aspects. Successfully able to transform your iPod into a device that resembles an iPhone close enough that it confuses people in a fun, humorous way. The best feature of this case? You don’t have to hold different.

I’d like to thank CookieCat LLC for the product sample.

Overall Score

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