PhoneGap:Build Compiles HTML5 Code into Native Apps for Mobile Devices

Developers who want their application to work across all mobile devices have two choices: code native apps for every platform, or use HTML5 to serve a webapp via a browser. Native code is obviously the most appealing option since the app can be published to the App Store/Market(place)/World and easily be found by users, but just directing customers to a mobile site can save lots of development time.

PhoneGap:Build is a service that can gobble up HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and spit out submission-ready native applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, webOS, and more. The service is free, and has an excellent set of tools and plugins to make sure applications take advantage of platform-specific features. PhoneGap isn’t for everyone, but it is a great alternative to publishing cross-platform apps without having to learn the intricacies of every mobile operating system.


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