iPod Classic Click Wheel Games No Longer Available

There was once a day when people played games on their iPod Classic and Nano devices to entertain themselves while listening to music. Older iPod models came with preinstalled games including ping pong, solitaire and paratroop drop; and in the newer generations, iQuiz, Klondike and Vortex. Users could purchase additional games in the iTunes Store for around $7.49 – this was before the existence of the App Store that we know today. It now seems that the games are no longer available from the iTunes Store, as AppleInsider reports today. While there have been multiple rumors of the iPod Classic’s end to be near, there hasn’t been any solid proof until today.

So now we say goodbye to games like Battleship, Tetris and Texas Hold’Em on this generation of iPod Nanos as the times change and people shift towards a new type of touchscreen device that has far more capabilities than anyone in 2001 would have imagined. Also say goodbye to the iPod with more than twice the storage of anything else out today. Who knows, Apple could surprise us with a new 128 GB device at the next event, but it probably won’t be this soon. Now we wait for the imminent release of Apple’s next big release and the end of a once amazing device. Out with the old, change has come again.


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