Amazon in Talks to Buy Palm

Sources for VentureBeat claim that Amazon is currently in the process of acquiring Palm from HP. After webOS’s “failure” HP has been scrambling to figure itself out. Leo Apotheker had a short and brutal 11 month stint as chief operating officer before being replaced by ex-eBay CEO Meg Whitman (who doesn’t seem like the greatest choice, either).

The Palm division has been circling the drain for quite some time, but webOS was a very real chance for the company to bring itself back from the brink and become relevant again. But poor hardware coupled with an intensely creepy advertising campaign ensured the platforms demise before it even had a chance.

Amazon revealed their hand this week with their new lineup of Kindles, and showed that they are fully capable of playing the OS game. The Fire’s heavily modified version of Android could benefit from some webOS flare, don’t you think?


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