Amazon’s New Kindle Fire Compared to iPad 2 and Nook Color

While Amazon’s new Kindle Fire tablet is offered at a very competitive price of $199, it has both its upsides and downsides when compared to other tablets like the iPad 2 or Nook Color. The Verge has put together a convenient chart that compares each of the three tablet’s price, thickness and weight, operating system, processor, memory, and more, which is very helpful for consumers who are having a difficult time deciding which tablet is best for them. In terms of price, the Kindle Fire is the runaway winner at just $199, a fraction of what the iPad 2 costs and a $50 savings over the Nook Color.

Apple was able to design the thinnest tablet, however, as the iPad 2 is just 8.8mm thick. While the iPad runs a mostly closed iOS operating system, the Kindle Fire and Nook Color run Android 2.3 and 2.2 respectively. The slowest tablet would be the Nook Color, with an 800MHz single-core processor in comparison to the 1GHz dual-core processors that the iPad 2 and Kindle Fire house. All three tablets have 512MB of memory and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi support, but the iPad 2 is the only tablet that has cellular connectivity, Bluetooth, and dual cameras. The iPad 2 also boasts the longest battery life at 10 hours, two hours longer than the tablets it is being compared to.

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