Apple May Be Planning to Discontinue the iPod Classic, Shuffle

During its third quarter financial results conference call, Apple mentioned a new product transition that the company would soon be rolling out. TUAW is reporting that this transition could be the discontinuation of the iPod classic and shuffle, leaving behind the cheaper iPod nano and full-fledged iPod touch. Next month, the iPod will celebrate its tenth anniversary since the Cupertino-based company debuted it on stage—this could be a good opportunity for a  fitting “congratulations, but it’s about time that we move on” kind of deal.

But, why? Well, for starters, iPod sales numbers have been dropping more than usual over the past few years and only accounted for 8% of the total revenue that Apple generated in the fourth quarter of 2010. Furthermore, discontinuing these two iPods could be beneficial to Apple because it would allow them to focus more closely on their iOS lineup of devices like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Every iPod that Apple would sell in the future would have a touchscreen only, which TUAW believes is a direction Apple wants to take.


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