‘Street Fighter IV’ is Heading to the iPhone!

The ever-most popular arcade-style fighting title is heading to the iPhone, IGN claims.   Capcom are setting the target release date in March, to release a thought-through version of the game.

It won’t be a quick port.  Instead, it’ll have specially-optimized controls onscreen, such as the typical d-pad and action buttons to the right.

Not only will the controls be recreated however, the graphics will also be scaled down, having minimal loss of detail and colour.  Therefore, the original artwork of the old gen-code will remain the same, but will look slightly crisper on the iPhone’s screen.

Each character will have their own special moves.  Ken and Ryu are two confirmed characters to be kept in the iPhone edition, as you can see in the screenshot below…

This is definitely one to look forward to, so expect an immediate article when it hits the AppStore.

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