Sprint Plans to Keep Unlimited Plans for as Long As Possible

Sprint is the last major carrier in the states to offer unlimited data despite the competition imposing severe bandwidth caps and limiting tethering. The carrier’s CTO, Stephen Bye, has reaffirmed customers that the plans are here to stay—although the rising costs of supporting unlimited data may eventually pressure the company into reconsidering. But, for the time being, Sprint is devoted to offering subscribers all-you-can-eat data. With the iPhone making its way over to Sprint, customers will be using even more bandwidth, so we’ll see how long the network will be able to hold out before buckling.

“There’s clearly a cost to support unlimited,” Bye admitted, adding that not every unlimited subscriber is as high a data user as his or her neighbor. At the same time, Bye emphasized the simplicity of supporting an unlimited data plan, citing the hidden cost for customer care and support related to tiered data plans.


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