T-Mobile: “No-Compromise iPhone Experience on our Network”

Despite previous rumors pointing at an iPhone launch on T-Mobile, the carrier is still waiting on Apple to negotiate an iPhone deal on their network. The carrier’s CMO, Cole Brodman, addressed customers in a letter stating that Apple is aware of T-Mobile’s desire to add the iPhone to their network but is still waiting on the Cupertino-based company to make that happen.

Brodman also noted that there are over one million unlocked iPhone users on their network, and that the magenta-flavored carrier would like to offer a “no-compromise iPhone experience on our network.”

“We’ve heard from many customers who love their T-Mobile service, but are disappointed that we don’t carry the iPhone. To these customers, first, thank you for your business. Please know that we think the iPhone is a great device and Apple knows that we’d like to add it to our line-up. Today, there are over a million T-Mobile customers using unlocked iPhones on our network. We are interested in offering all of our customers a no-compromise iPhone experience on our network.”

[T-Mobile via 9to5Mac]

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