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“We’ll hide the key where nobody but us will know to look…” “…You do remember where you hid the key right?…” While you try to find this hidden key, you begin to uncover the intriguing past of Wilson, the character you play as in Dream:scape. You uncover your past through memories, conversations, and the surrounding environment as your progress through the game. Speedbump tackled the odd market of mystery games while giving it groundbreaking graphics to add to an incredible experience this app gives its customer.  Read on for the full review: 


After the first few minutes of gameplay, you’ll notice that this is not your ordinary App Store action game. Instead, you are handed a calm, but mysterious adventure. This allows you to be absorbed in the app by solving the mystery of your life, step by step. Just like in any game, there are plenty of obstacles to overcome through weapons and exploration.

This nameless scarecrow helps guide you through Dream:scape. It also teaches you how to explore and the basic functions of the game.

When you begin using the app, you will notice two buttons and two controls: a pause button, diary button, and two basic joysticks. The pause button brings you to an ordinary menu. The “D” button brings you to your diary. Your diary contains a helpful map on the first page, along with notes about the locations you have visited. The two controls are used to move around. One joystick controls view while the other controls actual movement. These are very common in most action games and can be moved to suit your needs. Alternatively, you can also swipe the screen to look in that direction.

Your diary is used to access a map of Dream:scape, along with important notes about the places you have visited.

Notes are automatically entered into your diary as you journey to each location on the map. These notes help you unravel the mystery of your life. They may also tell you where to go next, and what may have occurred there.

The two controls are basic and easy to use, allowing them to get the job done very well.

As shown in this screenshot, you walk around the world using two common analog sticks. The left thumb stick controls your movement while the other controls your field of view. These controls feel natural during gameplay. The objective of the game is to explore the world by following your map to various locations where you will dwell upon old conversations, giving you insight on where to go next.

Gameplay: ★★★★★


These jaw dropping graphics give you an exclusive experience found in no other app.

Dream:scape’s hype was mainly surrounding the use of Unreal Engine 3. This is the same engine that was used to create the stellar visuals of Infinity Blade and several other popular console games. As you can see in the screenshots, the graphics are phenomenal when displayed on an iPad 2.

Just like the graphics, the organization in Dream:scape is outstanding. The pause menu is laid out cleanly and is very simple to use. The diary covers the whole screen when it is open, making it easy to use and read. Also, the controls are in a comfortable position, and they can be moved around to suit your preferences, similar to Epic Citadel.

Dream:scape shows every fine detail on the iPad’s screen. It even has a lens flare effect.

Whether it be a car, lake, tree, or even a church, Dream:scape makes it seem real with these fabulous graphics. As you progress throughout the day, the lighting changes too. This makes the game very realistic. Also, the textures are very life-like, such as the road and clouds. The graphics greatly enhance enjoyment of the game, and the game provides a crisp presentation, earning it five stars in this category.

Graphics: ★★★★★


Although Dream:scape is deeply told through the stunning, phenomenal graphics, the audio really takes a huge role in playing this game. Therefore, it is as, if not more, important than the graphics. Speedbump did an outstanding job on the audio. While walking around the beautiful world, you start to hear nature talk: the birds chirp, the thunder rolls, and the riverside crackles. Every time someone speaks, it is articulate and coherent while still keeping a spooky tone.

Although Dream:scape has amazing sound effects, there is no option to allow for background music. Since Speedbump did not provide any music of its own, Dream:scape can become boring without anything playing in the background. I do not mind that there is no music, but there should at least be an option for it.

Audio: ★★★★½


Unfortunately, Dream:scape lacks replay value simply because of its genre. You can think of Dream:scape as more of an interactive movie than with a normal game. Speedbump did try their best to add replay value with a free roam mode, but its only apparent purpose is to show off the visuals. The reason why Dreamscape is an incredible game is because of its compelling mystery. Without this, I found it a waste of time with no goal. As it doesn’t have any Game Center achievements or any kind of online game network attached to it, Dream:scape greatly lacks in replay value.

Dream:scape does allow for free roam after the game is completed, but since there is no goal when playing, it adds very little replay value.
The only possible way to add replay value, would be to add hidden Easter eggs or achievements. This still wouldn’t add much value, but it would still be something.

Replay: ★★★


At $2.99, Dream:scape may seem a bit pricey for limited hours of gameplay it offers compared to other apps. I bought this game for $1.99 during its release sale on the App Store. However, $2.99 is not a terrible deal at all for this fabulous game. This will definitely be your favorite game while playing it because of the unique gameplay and top of the line graphics and audio. Although it has unique gameplay, jaw-dropping visuals, and amazing audio, the replay value really kills this game. Users who require an action-packed gaming experience should stay far away from this app. Overall, it depends on personal preference to determine how much this game is actually worth.

Value: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

Speedbump did an excellent job making Dream:scape unique and giving a decent bang for your buck. I find the game hard to pass up since I love using my brain in puzzle and mystery games. It also has some of the most amazing graphics and audio on the App Store. Whether you will love this game or not completely depends on personal preference. With Dream:scape’s stunning graphics, amazing audio, and unique gameplay, it is a must have for lovers of the puzzle and mystery genre.

Final Score

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