NASA Releases Official Ringtones

NASA, everyone’s favorite space agency, has released official “historical sounds” ringtones for the iPhone. The tones include the well known audio from most major missions, including the world famous “Houston, we’ve had a problem“, and many beeps, bloops, and rocket blast-offs. If you want to up your geek cred while out on the town, check out the full library here, and if you’ve never added custom ringtones to iTunes, make sure to read the step by step instructions. Regular old MP3 files of the audio are also available for less picky devices.

Here’s a collection of NASA sounds from historic spaceflights and current missions. You can hear the roar of a space shuttle launch or Neil Armstrong’s “One small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind” every time you get a phone call. Or, you can hear the memorable words “Houston, we’ve had a problem,” every time you make an error on your computer. We have included both MP3 and M4R (iPhone) sound files to download.

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