Today is Plants Vs Zombies release day!

pvz1If, like me, you’ve been an avid player of  PopCap’s great little tower defense-esque classic Plants vs. Zombies on your home computer then February 15th will have had a big red circle on your calendar.   So it was with a sudden race in my heart and a fresh $2.99 dent in my wallet that I hit the App Store first thing today and downloaded this little gem.

Plants vs. Zombies App Store link [$2.99 34.7MB]

pvz2Having played it for a quick ten minutes before writing this I can tell you that it’s a great port.  The backgrounds and sprites have been stripped and re-modelled to fit the iDevice screen.  The touchscreen controls  work extremely well and the game apparently retains all original elements of the desktop classic bar the mini games and even adds in some extra achievements.  PopCap put out a wicked port with Peggle and their latest offering is another level of excellence and extreme value for money at $2.99.

What are you waiting for? Go and buy it now!

[I would have written a longer piece but my fingers are itching to play - hopefully one of our great members will write up a review for the App Store Review sub-forum]

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