Notebook Vendors Say the iPad Lacks Any True Competition

According to DigiTimes, notebook vendors are “turning pessimistic about non-Apple tablet PCs” after witnessing other large-tier companies failing to create a true iPad competitor. One of the first to fall against the iPad was Waterloo-based Research in Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, which had only 200,000 units shipped in the last quarter. Hewlett-Packard also felt the effects of the iPad-dominated tablet market, as they called it quits on their TouchPad tablet—and all webOS-based hardware—just one month after it hit shelves.

Notebook vendors also believe that the upcoming Android version, codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich, will not be significant enough for iPad competitors in the tablet market to make a comeback. The report suggests that it won’t be until the release of Windows 8 tablets and the next Android version, following Ice Cream Sandwich, for there to be an effective fight back against Apple.


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