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You fall asleep and find yourself in the middle of nowhere. All if a sudden, you are faced with a gigantic monster behind you and you run for your life. We’ve all had this nasty dream, we all know about it. Now imagine you get away, only to once again be sniffed out by this monster. Requiem takes this story and moves it into reality creating tiny twists and turns in the game to not only create a challenge, but also make it much more exciting and entertaining all together.  Read on for the full review:


In Requiem you play the role of a little boy. As he is tucked into bed, he’s told to have some sweet dreams. His dreams, however, are anything but sweet. He is chased by a generous bull in which you must run and escape for your life! This task becomes more and more difficult as the game progresses.

I wouldn’t want to be chased by one of these either… I feel sorry for the kid.

At the end of each level is a unicorn waiting to fly you to safety, this is the main goal of the game, just to run for your life and let this unicorn fly you to safety. When you begin each level the bull catches you and you fall into the next level. This is the only story behind the game, but it never seems to get repetitive.

At the end of each level, you run to your unicorn to escape.

The levels are simple, you want to run trout each course jumping over boxes and avoiding other obstacles. As the levels progress, they get harder. Your jumps need to be more precise, the playing field rotates and everything becomes much more of a dream. This does two things, it adds a sense of excitement, but also makes the game much more difficult. Both of these are a welcome add to the game as you find out with the first couple of levels, the game is way too easy without the requirement of precision.

The game gets harder as you go as your world rotates and distorts reminding you this is a dream world.

Each level has various pickups you can get. The one that is in every level are stars. Each level has a certain number of stars. These stars are pretty easy to obtain as long as you stick to the route you are supposed to take. The other pickup is only available in certain levels. These are small unicorn cut outs that once picked up unlock an additional bonus level.

The controls in this game are quite simple. You use a virtual joy stick in the lower, left-hand corner. Then you have a jump and a crouch button to allow you to crouch into smaller areas and jump over obstacles. The controls are simple to understand and adjust to for me.

The controls in the game are straight forward and even labeled for you in plain English, doesn’t get much easier than that.

Gameplay: ★★★★★


The graphics in Requiem are actually really great, while the menus are simple and usable. The in-game graphics are actually splendid and well done by the developer. The textures are really nice; everything is just detailed to the touch. You can tell what everything is, and it all fits together into a more mysterious, unsettling, and spooky feel to them. The misty, cloudy appearance of the graphics really adds to the feeling of the unknown which works very well for this game. I think the graphics are really top notch in this game

The graphics in this game are really top notch.

The menus in the game are really simple and to the point. There are really not that many settings to edit and everything can be done from the main screen. There are no buttons; only words are written out for you making the menus a little more straight forward. It really has no learning curve or any complexity to it. A caveman could figure out the menus.


The menus are so simple a caveman can do it.

Graphics: ★★★★★


OK, this is where you go downhill a little. When playing a spooky, run-for-your-life type game, I expect the game to grab the player and bring them into the shoes of the main character. The audio is really a big part of this. The game fails to do this. The amount of audio is fine, the creepy music is good. The sound effects don’t really add to the horror that you face in your nightmares. The gameplay and graphics do a good job of obtaining this feeling, the audio fails to do it and fails to complete this trio. You can hear the bull blow air at times, but that’s it. It gives the so what feeling.

The BGM is really just a spooky song that does add a little to the mysterious, unsettling feeling, but it can’t really create the environment for it; it got repetitive as well. I was really hoping for the audio in this game to add to make me feel like I needed to escape this vicious monster. Instead it was like, oh no! It’s mad, let’s just get through the level.

Audio: ★★★½


Tribase did their best to add some replay value into this game offering an abundant number of achievements. However, achievements can only get you so far as some players, like myself, can care less about them.

Requiem also does have hidden unlockables that can be found in a number of levels. By finding the glowing unicorn hidden in several of the game’s levels, you can unlock some hidden, extra levels which does add to the replay value of the game. The game does have a semi-addictive feel to it since it is somewhat suspenseful. As with all games, you can always go back and improve scores by obtaining more starts, getting better times, etc.

You are always free to go back and obtain more stars. Several levels in the game also have unlockables in them.

Replay: ★★★★


Overall, I do believe at 2.99, this game is a little on the expensive side. Sure, you get a lot. However, the failure to really hook the player into the game is disappointing. From the screenshots, the game looked amazing and the story line was definitely created and could work. However, like all games, in order to really hook players, you have to stimulate all senses: feel (gameplay), vision (graphics), and hearing (audio). If any of these are off, then you lose a lot. Even with the lack of audio, the gameplay and graphics are top notch and really well done. These are enough to hold up the value score.

Value: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

On paper, this game is one that sounds amazing, and it still can be. At the current moment, the audio does work to an extent, but doesn’t do it’s full job inciting fear into the player to really get their adrenaline pumping and ready to play the game. Still, the astonishing visuals and great gameplay really do work well for this game and hold up the score for it. If you’ve ever had that nightmare where you run from the thing, you can definitely relate to this game.

Overall Score

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