Unreal Engine 3 Makes its Way to OS X

Epic’s Unreal Engine is under the hood of many of today’s most popular games, and the company has just announced that it will be available for developers to use on OS X. Past games which use the Unreal engine have been released on the Mac platform, but they were developed in house by Epic (like Gears of War, etc). 3rd party developers will now have access to the updated UDK, but Mac support won’t be instantaneous—most of the game will still need a fair bit of tweaking to work correctly. Windows used to be the go-to OS for gaming, but now that VALVe, Epic, and many other studios are cross-developing, this is no longer the case.

Unreal Engine 3 supports developing for Apple’s Macintosh platform for easy cross-platform distribution. The development process is virtually identical for games to be run on the Mac platform, but the packaging and deployment process does require some additional steps.

[Epic via Joystiq]

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