biteSMS Updated with iOS 5 Beta Support

biteSMS, the excellent feature-rich alternative to the native Messaging app in iOS, has been updated with support for iOS 5. The developers behind the jailbreak-only application have released a public beta for users at the repo on Cydia. If you’re already running a beta build of iOS 5, you can jailbreak using the fresh redsn0w 0.9.9b1—but keep in mind that an untethered iOS 5 jailbreak has not yet been released. A 14-day trial of biteSMS is available for testing the app, but a full license will run you $9.99. Features include a quick-reply/compose messaging pop-up, custom ringtone management, and much more.

Due to the overwhelming number of emails from users wanting to be private beta testers, we have decided to release this iOS 5 compliant version via a public beta repos.

This is a very early beta release, so at this stage please don’t email us bug reports as we most likely know about them. This is not a normal beta, it’s more that users running iOS 5 would no doubt prefer something as opposed to nothing!!!

Saying that, it’s a pretty stable release and we hope you like the new look Quick Compose and Quick Reply plus the deep integration with the Apple Notification Centre. Also iMessage works seamlessly inside biteSMS.

Only install if you are running iOS 5!


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