Jay Freeman, the Man Behind Cydia, Talks About Jailbreaking

The founder of the jailbreak package distribution app Cydia, Jay “saurik” Freeman, gave an hour long presentation today at the MyGreatFest jailbreak convention. Freeman’s presentation primarily consisted of his thoughts about Cydia and jailbreaking altogether. One of his first facts was that, at any given time, there are between 6% to 12% of iOS users that are jailbroken. The percentage of jailbroken devices drops significantly following a new iOS software update release by Apple, as users flock towards the new version to test out new features.

Freeman also shared his thoughts about how Cydia is a place for things that don’t belong in the App Store, and also for apps that were rejected because of Apple’s strict App Store approval restrictions. Jay is strongly against piracy, however, citing that only 1 in 70 people pay for Cydia tweaks; he understands, however, that Cydia is an open platform that susceptible to pirates. Finally, the Cydia founder shed light on “Cydia for Mac,” which would run on Mac OS X Lion, but says that it won’t be released until “it works.”


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