Apple Makes Reference to “Late 2011″ iMac Ahead of Refresh?

A reference to a “late 2011″ iMac model has been found within an Apple support document for the recently released Thunderbolt Display. Considering that Apple has not updated the iMac lineup since May, the reference made could be indicative of an iMac refresh before the end of this year. The MacBook Pro is also expected to see a late-year refresh, so Apple might choose to update the iMac lineup at the same time. It’s unknown exactly what new features an iMac refresh would bring to Apple’s all-in-one desktop computer, but it is expected to be a minor update focused on improved hardware specifications.

UPDATE: Apple has since removed the reference to the “late 2011″ iMac, which could indicate that it was merely a typo or that the folks in Cupertino are trying to hide the impending refresh.


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