Sprint: We Can Totally Handle the iPhone

Sprint’s CFO Joe Euteneuer mentioned in a conference this week that he believes that the network can handle the additional traffic generated by carrying the upcoming iPhone 5. The company has not explicitly confirmed that they will carry the device, but all signs point toward a Sprint-flavored iPhone in October. They plan to continue to offer unlimited data, but acknowledged that this could change if the all-you-can-eat service becomes unprofitable in the long term. Since Sprint is the last major carrier to offer real unlimited data plans, they are a very appealing option to power users.

“Steve [Elfman, president of Sprint's network operations and wholesale,] and his team have been relentless on watching the existing network to make sure that we are spending the capital we need and to make sure we don’t create a bad user experience–irrespective of all the rumors,” Euteneuer said, speaking at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media, Entertainment & Communications conference. In terms of the demand and network usage generated by selling the iPhone, Euteneuer said “we’re going to stay ahead of it.”

[Fierce Wireless]

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