VMware Fusion 4 Released, Optimized for Mac OS X Lion

VMware has announced today the availability of the new Fusion 4 virtualization software, which allows Windows to be run on Mac. The new version, which is on sale for $49.99 until year’s end (normally $79.99), is specifically optimized for Mac OS X Lion. Customers who have purchased VMware Fusion 3 on or after July 20, 2011 are eligible for an electronic upgrade to VMware Fusion 4 at no additional cost.

Users can add Windows programs to Launchpad, experience them in Mission Control, view them in full screen or switch between them using Mac gestures. As a 64-bit Cocoa application, Fuzion 4 is optimized for today’s multi-core Macs and delivers 3D graphics up to 2.5-times faster than previous versions of Fusion, VMware states.


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