Release Date of the iPhone 5 Set for October 15?

Orange CEO, Stéphane Richard, let slip on the radio that the release date of the iPhone 5 may be October 15th. While he doesn’t speak in certain terms by any means, we’re sure that the man in charge of a major network would be fairly in-the-know. This report coincides with previous rumors that suggest a mid October release, and would be a prime release date in time for the holidays.

The specs and design of the next-gen iPhone are still unknown, but it is speculated to have a larger screen, 8 megapixel camera, and dual-core A5 processor.

“If I believe what we heard, the iPhone will be released Oct. 15 … To date, no date is known for its commercial launch even though its production seems to have started in several echoes in the press.”

[Ozap via Redmond Pie]

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