Grid10 Tablet Drops to $299

Fusion Garage has cut the price of the Grid10 (formerly JooJoo) tablet by a full $200 to just $299. A WiFi+3G version is just $100 more. The device runs a custom grid-based operating system that is built on top of the Android kernel, and houses a dual-core Tegra 2 processor and a 1366 x 768 10.1″ screen. It’s predecessor, the JooJoo, flopped hard, and only managed to sell a handful of devices. The company has since rebranded and rereleased in the hopes of competing with the other major players, but the price slash seems to suggest that Fusion Garage may not be upgrading air conditioned office space anytime soon. Nevertheless, the specs on the tablet look good—as do the demo videos—so we will wait until the October 1st release date to pass judgment. If your looking for an bargin tablet to play around with, the Grid10 could be a decent choice.

[Fusion Garage via Engadget]

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