The Moderators on the iPad

Unlike every other tech site on the internet, here at iPTF, we haven’t overdone it with the iPad coverage. But we figured that we needed to do something to get people in the mood for it. And with just one and half months to go, the moderators have decided to speak their opinions on the device, and we have a fairly well-rounded point of view collectively!


Getting the iPad? Yes, 64GB wifi model (or 32GB 3G, depending on the carrier in the UK)

Primary use? Education.

The iPad is a revolutionary device. You don’t know it yet, but it is. And over the next year or two I guarantee that it’s going to take the world by storm. Why? Because it has everything on it that you could ever want to do. The foremost reason I’m buying one, is for my education. iWork, educational iPhone apps, Wikipedia at your fingertips, iBooks (if the licensing issue gets sorted out here in the UK…), and so much more.

The iPad is the perfect device for sitting out in the garden on a Summer’s day, and creating a keynote on Biodiversity. You can create beautiful presentations in the iPad version of Keynote, and research using Safari (copy and paste info, save images from the web to use in the presentation) – It is ideal.

However, the main flaw of this would be the lack of multitasking. It would be so much easier if I could research on Wikipedia in Safari and have my keynote open at the same time – Like a desktop. But this isn’t possible right now, so I’ll have to make do. Apart from multitasking, my other “problem” with the device is the lack of front-facing camera (or is there a lack of one?!) This would be perfect for Skyping casually or with your assignment-partner, but alas, it’s missing.

As for Flash. Who cares? The point I like to make is, my MacBook heats up to around 95 degrees Celsius when I’m watching YouTube videos (which are Flash based) – If Adobe make another shoddy version for the iPad, it would be like holding a frying pan by the metal parts. But overall, iPad (and Pokémon HeartGold :p) are the two things I’m putting all my financial effort into right now.


Getting the iPad? No.

At first glance, the iPad appears to be lacking many sought-after features. In truth, it is. The iPad is simply a large iPod touch, with a sleeker case, a screaming processor, and a nicer OS. That, however, is not a bad thing. Apple seems to be targeting a different demographic. Apple is not stupid enough to aim solely for people who already own a MacBook and iPhone. The iPad offers flexibility: if one does not wish to purchase a relatively expensive MacBook (Pro), yet doesn’t want to sign onto a costly, two-year contract with AT&T, the iPad fills the void. Contract-free, optional 3G connectivity is also a major selling point. The iPad’s intuitive interface—and its short learning curve—should draw some curiosity from even the more technologically-intimidated.

Apple had to walk a fine line in the development of the iPad. Had they given it a camera, or other features, the iPad might be a threat to the iPhone. That said, I will be disappointed if Apple fails to implement some sort of multitasking capability and a more impressive interface to take advantage of both the sizable screen, and the formidable hardware. You may be wondering why I will not be purchasing an iPad. The answer is simple: I don’t need one. I have a MacBook Pro and an iPhone 3GS. I have no use for the iPad in an educational context; I take notes with paper and pen, already have a wonderful mobile device loaded with iWork. Though the software end has some catching-up to do, the iPad is impressive—but not enough for me to pretend I need one.

Manic Nimrod

Getting the iPad? Yes, but not this generation.

Primary Use? Education, E-Book reading and browsing.

When the iPad was announced, I wasn’t very fond of it. After seeing the multiple photos and hands-on videos, I grew to like it more. I could then see how i could fit it into my daily life at college and at home.

Lets start with college, I would use the iWork features to tap down notes and create documents instead of using the slow PC’s and Mac’s we have. But then i hit the snag of getting the work off the iPad. Well, here is the beauty, if i got the 3G model, i could simply up it to a cloud (if that is possible through safari on the iPad) or simply email it to myself and download from the PC/Mac.

Secondly, we come to E-Books.I’ve just started reading Stephen Kings new novel, Under The Dome, its a massive book. I can’t lug it to college to read at lunch, its just too big. If i had the iPad, i could easily carry a large collection books. Brilliant. Thirdly, I am annoyed by the lack of multi-tasking, I would love to be able to quickly switch between Safari and iWork while doing work and when reading books and switching between my social networks that i use on a daily basis. Although, looking at the hands on videos, its a snappy little device and i could wait those extra seconds to exit an app and reload another.

Flash, Ha. Don’t need it. In conclusion, I will be getting the iPad, not the first generation: I don’t have any spare cash, if I had the spare cash, I would pick it up on launch.


Getting the iPad? No.

Despite the fact that it is a moderately attractive device, I’m not the getting the iPad. That said, I do think that the iPad will be absolutely revolutionary, namely for the complete re-imagining of the user interface design. It’s fantastic to see developers’ and designers’ mockups for their applications on the iPad, utilizing new user interface elements and experimenting with new ideas in interaction. This reflects what I’ve been seeing among the community, with designers being the most excited about this product. Developers are also looking at this in a mainly positive light, with the end-user group being more divided than ever.

I fall into a bit of a middle group. My inner design nerd (which has recently turned its fickle eye toward typography), loves the intriguing and challenging possibilities that this device opens up. Even the existing staid Apple applications shimmer in their new iPad interpretations. I was also floored by the iWork suite for the iPad. Nonetheless, the gap that the iPad is intended to fill doesn’t exist for me. My computer is a stellar machine for what I do, and my iPod, though old, crusty and dented, is the most I could ask for. Many people have twisted their bloomers in knotty circles over the lack of flash on Apple’s mobile products. Adobe was fed up enough to take their bloomers off and post pornography onto their blog to demonstrate that you can’t properly do the ‘less than glorious deed’ on your shiny, multi-touch iPad.

That and the screen’s too reflective to, you know, see yoursel- Never mind. In any case, I’m clearly not upset with the lack of flash on these devices. Despite the fact that some web content is indeed flash, the inability to play a game, watch porn, and use a variety of video sites is not inhibiting my web browsing experience. Additionally, flash games often require the use of hovering, a keyboard, and a variety of other things that can only be done with a proper computer. Having a machine that crashes, doesn’t properly load the things it can, is significantly slower, and isn’t supported by either the manufacturer or developer isn’t in my agenda.

Skylar EC

Getting the iPad? Read for yourself:

The iPad is god damned retarded.

End quote.


Getting the iPad? No. I won’t be getting one (no real need and no spare cash this year) though I will be watching it closely. If it does indeed turn out to be an all encompassing, lightweight multimedia device it’s hoped to be and developers really push it to the limits it may well be on my Xmas list in the future.


It looks like more people are against buying this new device than are for it: which sucks :( No worries though! As it is a new device, and not even out yet! I’m sure when it’s in the wild, and after a few F/W updates, some people might change their minds. So what do you guys think? Are you going to get one?

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