Headphone Review: Brainwavz B2

Brainwavz takes their first steps into the sub 200 dollar market with their flagship B2 models of headphones. Previously reviewed, the M1s and M3s both offered superior quality without requiring you to go out and rob a bank to afford them. The Brainwavz B2s are also Brainwavz first steps with Balanced Armature technology. To add even further, they are also their first steps into the multi-driver headphones as well as the B2s are actually dual driver headphones, which means they have 2 drivers in each earpiece like the Apple IEMs. These are a lot of first-time attempts for Brainwavz, but they still hit the bull’s eye in many areas.  Read on for the rest of the review:

  • Driver: Dual Balanced Armature Drivers
  • Frequency: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 110 dB
  • Impedance: 40 ohms

In the Box

  • B2 In-Ear Monitors
  • Pocket-friendly hard case
  • 4 Sets of ear tips
    • 3 Silicon (S, M, L)
    • 1 Comply T-100 Foam tip (M)
  • Airplane Adapter
  • ¼” Adapter
  • Documentation
The Brainwavz B2s come well equipped with plenty of accessories for your 160 hard-earned dollars.


The B2s have some really unique design aspects to them. The most eye-catching is actually the twisted, helix-shaped, black and white cables. These cables really catch attention since they are not only peculiar looking, but they also have a really nice twisted shape to them. This shape is similar to the cables found on the MEE A151 and many Westone model of IEM. This design for the cable really pays off in other areas as well; it’s not just for looks.

As you go up the headphones, you meet the earpieces. The earpieces are minute in size and constructed out of plastic. Although the plastic feels cheap, it really is decently strong. The nozzles are at an angle to conform to the natural shape of the ear. On the outer edge of the earpieces is the Brainwavz logo silkscreened boldly in white onto the earpieces. There is a nice red ring that circulates the earpiece right before the nozzle starts. There are no left or right markers on the earpieces, which does make it hard to determine the left from the right at first. The Brainwavz logo points away from the head while the nozzle will be angled towards you. I just wish they could have included some sort or markers. Something like changing one of the red rings to the blue one would have been a nice add. Also of note is that the B2s are meant to be worn over the ear.

The design on the B2s is really simple, but nice overall.

Overall, the headphones have a really nice straightforward design. The bold cable and minute earpieces are almost designed to perfection. If they added left and right markers, the design would definitely be a 5.

Design: ★★★★½


Heading off with a really nice eye-catching design, the B2s also offer really great audio quality through the four drivers that blast sound into your 2 ears. The balanced armature drivers are articulate and extremely fast with good precision. Like most armature drivers, however, they do lack in certain areas.


The bass response on the Brainwavz B2s is actually quite hitting the quantity mark just about perfectly. The bass extends really deep and can be heard, and felt throughout the entire bass spectrum, from the low bass to the mid bass. The texture of the bass is quite beautiful and articulate allowing you to visualize the bass really well. It’s not like the texture offered by the UE 500s, but it’s still really great nonetheless. The bass body gives the B2s an inviting, warm sound to them that is enjoyable and gives a bigger presence of bass to the table. The speed of the bass isn’t as quick compared to other armature IEMs. The B2s still may not be able to suit many bass-heads as it does lack bass in comparison even to the bass light Apple IEMs. The impact that the Brainwavz deliver is actually large compared to other armatures, but slightly lacking compared to other dynamic drivers, but it’s just enough to not be a problem. The bass can be summed up with a few words: textured, deep, inviting, and warm; all this ultimately leads to really great bass that is just enjoyable and fun to listen to.

Bass: ★★★★


The midrange of the B2s are the worst of the three areas, but still good overall. The mids are extremely detailed and listeners will not miss a note. The mids are more relaxed overall though, which isn’t exactly a bad thing either. The bigger body on the lows do put some emphasis with the mids making them more full and lush compared to a drier, colder sound that is found on most armatures. In the higher-end mids, they are less prominent and in your face, making them lost every so often. If you listen hard, they are there, however, they can sound covered up at times. Although the vocals are lush and sweet, they do, like the rest of the mids, lack the extra dynamics to make them perfect. Instead, you get a more toned-down sound in your mids from this. Overall the mids are actually quite good, but could use some improvements in the dynamics and higher-end mids.

Mids: ★★★★


Although the mids really sucked a little life out of the headphones, the highs successfully restore it back. The highs on these headphones are brighter, and it may become a bit much for some users. However, they are refreshing for as I didn’t find them aggressive like the highs on the HF2s. Although they are less aggressive compared to the HF2s, I did find them too be too aggressive at times compared to other IEMs. The highs have great sparkle and glitter really nicely to really give the highs more of a special feel to them. The details and clarity on treble is astounding to say the least as well. All the downfalls of the mids are really made up in the highs as they are just really great.

Highs: ★★★★½


The twisted cable comes back here to show off one of its functions. The helix-shaped cable on the B2s has one major strength outside of looks; it’s microphonics. The microphonics on the Brainwavz are just about non-existent. The over the ear design along with the cable really help to just eliminate microphonics entirely.


The cable on the B2s really helps fight microphonics.

Noise Isolation

The noise isolation on these is actually quite great. They are in the area of around 26 dB isolation; this is a personal estimate though. This is comparable to many of the better isolating UE models along with the Apple IEMs and ThinkSound TS02s. The isolation is really great and will definitely be a strength if you are looking to tune out crazy man next to you.

The overall sound of the B2s was really relaxed for me with some really lively highs. The bass is in my opinion one of the best I’ve heard on headphones. The lack of impact, however, is really disappointing. The mids could use some work, but the highs make up for them. Overall, I’d say that the B2s are highly skilled at everything, but a master of nothing.

Audio: ★★★★½


With a great design and audio quality, the build is either hit or miss; mostly hits though. The B2s do come with a case to protect them while not in use. This of course is always a nice addition and the case is actually really strong and portable. The case differs from the other Brainwavz cases as the Brainwavz logo isn’t plastered on them and the case is a little thinner, but wider.

The case that come with the B2s don’t have the Brainwavz logo on them anymore and have two pockets inside instead of one.

The headphone jack is probably the worst part of the build on the Brainwavz B2s. The straight jack is a little problematic that it is straight. Nothing else about the jack is that bad though. The headphone jack is nice and flexible and seems really strong nonetheless. It’s just that a straight jack is a disadvantage. I’ve also noticed that the cable around the jack has started to unravel a little. I didn’t notice any of this on my A151s twisted cable.


The headphone jack is straight and small, but still flexible and strong.

The twisted cable does work really well though for build. It doesn’t feel as nice or as strong as the A151s twisted cable, but it’s still extremely strong and durable. The cable still has all the strengths of any twisted cable being strong, flexible, and also really tangle resistant. I loved the cable on the B2s. The A151s had more of a rope feel to them while the Brainwavzs gave more of a cable feel. The Y-split is actually the exact same one found on the A151s, which just looks durable, even from a distance.

The Y-splitter on the B2s just look like they are built to last.


The individual earpieces are made from plastic. From the first time I touched them, they felt really light and cheap. It made me question it’s durability from that first feel. The headphones do seem like they can take a slight beating. They really didn’t have that reassuring solid feel on them, but are solid nonetheless. Overall though, the B2s are sturdy with only a few small areas that may not be up to snuff.

Build: ★★★★


The B2s come with a decent variety of tips which does help with comfort. Of the tips, the foam ones are the most comfortable; this in a sense can be assumed. However, the tips are only half the story on the comfort. The design, shape, size, and weight of the earpiece also makes a huge impact on comfort. To quickly sum it up, the lightweight, small design of the headphones really plays a huge role here allowing the IEMs to be one of the most comfortable ones I’ve ever worn.


There are 3 sets of silicone tips that come with the B2s; they also feature red Comply T100 tips

Comfort: ★★★★


OK, 160 dollars may be enough to set you back a bit. Heck, it’s close enough to the price of an iPod, however, these headphones are worth the price. The sound quality that you get out of these headphones is worth more than 160, it’s actually cheap for the sound they produce. The comfort that the B2s offer cannot be beat, and the design is really nice as well. However, the build is my only complaint as it does feel really cheap at first; I don’t entirely trust the headphone jack either. Overall, the quality features that these IEMs offer do justify the price though.

Value: ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

With Brainwavz taking their first giant steps into the sub 200 market, balanced armatures, and multi-driver headphones there was a lot of room for failure. However, they didn’t fail at all. They took the bull by the horns and hit the bull’s eye. The warm and lush sound signature is really inviting and the highs really give it life. Brainwavz definitely did a number on their new flagships, the B2s.

I’d like to thank Raz for the product sample.

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