Vodafone Hints at iPhone 5 in 16GB and 32GB Capacities

United Kingdom-based carrier Vodafone has, on a product page for the Sure Signal, made reference to an iPhone 5 in both 16GB and 32GB capacities. The yet to be released iPhone falls under the “compatible phones” section for Vodafone’s Sure Signal box, and has both white and black models listed. If these listings are to mean anything, this would mean that a white iPhone would seemingly be released aside its black counterpart, unlike the iPhone 4, and would not be available in a larger 64GB capacity unlike the iPod touch and iPad.

It’s important to remain skeptical despite references being made to this yet-to-be-released iPhone, as Vodafone could easily be referring to the iPhone 5 well in advance of its release—or it could be a typo altogether. With a rumored release of this October, however, Vodafone is just adding to the countless number of iPhone 5 rumors that have been spreading over the past several months.


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