From the Makers of Tap Tap Revenge Comes ‘Riddim Ribbon’

Since Tapulous first previewed Riddim Ribbon at an Apple keynote, there haven’t been any extra previews.

Yet they’ve managed to push another rhythm game, and this time it’s a ball-rolling game rather than a Rock Band clone.

Two songs from The Black Eyed Peas can be found included into the download, plus another three available as downloadable content, for 99¢ each.

You tilt to guide a ball down a green path, which goes through various balls and ramps.  If you go off the path, the music beings to fade out, until it’s game over.


They’ve also added a few nifty freebies, such as a free download of ‘Meet we Halfway – Remix‘ and getting a 100 free credits for Tap Tap Revenge 3, which thousands of users have enjoyed.

Riddim Ribbon feat. The Black Eyed Peas ($2.99)

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