iPtF Community Talent Required. Apply Within.

Being a part of a community means chipping in with help as well as asking for help when you need it and there’s plenty of great members on iPod touch fans who do just this as they surf around the forums.

However, it has been noted recently that we have a bunch of tutorials and stuck guides that are starting to look dated or, in the case of more recent developments, missing completely.

We’d love to see more input from the community so we’ve set up a thread to discuss this issue where you can put in your tutorial requests and members interested in writing some guides have a pool of tutorial and guide topics.

So, whether you’re a seasoned iPtF member who’s been with us since OS 1.1.1 or a newbie who got an iPod touch 3G for Christmas, if you’ve spent enough time messing around with your little bit of Apple tech heaven then you’ve got the prerequisite to help out and get your guide stuck and maybe even a front page feature.

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