Browse the Web Without a Data Plan Via… SMS?

Smozzy, a new app on the Android Market, allows T-Mobile users to browse the web without a data plan by delivering content via SMS and MMS. As you probably guessed, this is an incredibly inefficient way to surf the ‘net, but it does work—and if you only need to open a few pages a month, it could be a great way to fight the man. Since massive numbers of messages may be sent for a single page, only users with an unlimited message plan should attempt to use it. Pages are rendered in a standalone browser, and actually look pretty good (all things considered).

Get the web, without the data plan!

Smozzy Beta lets you use your T-Mobile unlimited messaging plan to browse the web. No data plan required!

It works just like your Android phone’s built-in browser, but the content is requested and delivered entirely via the text messages (SMS and MMS) included with your unlimited messaging plan.

[Android Market via Hacker News]

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