Foxconn Manufacturing 150,000 iPhone 5 Units Per Day

According to industry sources for DigiTimes, the iPhone 5 is now being manufactured by Foxconn Electronics at a rate of 150,000 units per day. The report states that “lens maker Largan Precision, touch panel maker TPK Holding, reinforced glass supplier G-Tech Optoelectronics and battery vendors Simplo and Dynapack are all operating at full swing currently,” to fulfill expected shipments of 5 to 6 million devices in September.

Suppliers in the iPhone 5 supply chain in Taiwan have geared up production recently with volume shipments of the new Apple smartphones to begin soon. Production of iPhone 5s at OEM maker Foxconn Electronics has reportedly reached 150,000 units per day, according to industry sources … Although Pegatron Technology has reportedly landed about 15% of iPhone 5 orders from Apple, the company may not begin shipping until 2012, the sources commented.


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