New Claims Surface Regarding Development of 3G iPod Touch

Over the past several months, the rumor mill has been churning nonstop about the iPhone 5. With much of the focus being on the release of the next-generation iPhone, there has been little speculation about the fifth-generation iPod touch. Evidence of a possible white iPod touch and one that is 3G-capable have been some of the only rumors regarding the glorified media player as of late.

With Apple’s annual iPod-centered media event seemingly just around the corner, new claims are now surfacing again about the possibility of an iPod touch with 3G. The report comes from Apple’N'Apps, which is claiming that an iPod touch with 3G connectivity, otherwise known as “data on the go,” is indeed in development. Of course, with it being speculation, the availability of such a device is subject to change and may not be readied by this Fall. It’s also important to remember that Apple’N'Apps does not have a proven track record yet regarding Apple-related rumors, which makes us somewhat skeptical of this report here at iFans.

After talking with multiple people over the past few weeks, we had a lengthy chat with one person who gave us great news about the next iPod Touch (though they would like to remain anonymous). We’ve used this person in the past, but they did qualify their remarks, saying that the iPod Touch changes should make it, but there’s no guarantee the changes will be ready for fall. The 3G iPod Touch idea intrigued us so much back in July, and we’ve been trying to find one of our contacts who can give some credence to the idea. A few have declined to comment, while others honestly have no idea, but the source for this report says that Apple is indeed working on a 3G iPod Touch. Apple is intent on announcing the device during their September event which they usually save for their iPod line, but will include the iPhone as well this year.

The fifth generation iPod Touch will be most like a mini-iPad with the same type of 3G connectivity. Apple has worked out the plans with the carriers for non-contract monthly payments just like with the iPad. This took a considerable amount of work, but the deals are in place, as the expected usage is about on par or less than the iPad with 3G.

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