Rumor: Apple Engineer Captures His Lunch With iPhone 5

PocketNow thinks that they have found a photo on Flickr, which has been since removed, that was taken with an iPhone 5. It appears that an Apple engineer was eating his lunch when he decided to snap a picture of his dish using the unreleased next-generation iPhone.

Despite having been cropped to resemble a photo taken with the iPhone 4′s current 5-megapixel camera, PocketNow discovered that the original photo was actually closer in resolution to that of what an 8-megapixel camera would be able to capture—a type of camera that the iPhone 5 has been rumored to have for the past several months. Rumors have been swirling for months about an early October launch for the iPhone 5.

This (very attractive) photo claims to have been taken by an iPhone 4, but the rest of its EXIF data tells a different story: although the image has been cropped to 2235×2291 (5.12 megapixels), the original picture was a much larger 3264×2448 — or just shy of eight megapixels. What’s more, the lens was recorded as a 4.3mm f/2.4, which is closer to that of a point-and-shoot than the iPhone 4′s actual 3.85mm f/2.8.

[PocketNow via MacRumors]

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