Entrepreneur Designs World’s Tallest iPod Dock, $560K Each

Jean Michel Jarre has designed a luxurious, record breaking tall iPod dock, called the AeroDreamOne, which is also compatible with iPhone and iPad. If you were worried about not being able to reach the top of this 11 foot dock, the integrated ladder will prove to be extremely beneficial. Sure, there’s no fancy gold or silver used in the design of this monstrosity of a dock, but its marvel comes from its ability to deliver 10,000 watts of output.

The AeroDreamOne has an integrated headphone jack and USB port for those individuals without an iOS device. Only serious buyers should be interested in investing into one of these docks, as each one will run you a hefty $560,000 in your choice of white, black, or chrome. Oh, you’ll also have to wait six months on a waiting list before your order is even processed. For the semi-reasonable spenders, a mini version of this tower dock is available for just shy of $1,200.

[Cult of Mac]

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