iFans Week in Review (August 29 – September 3, 2011)

User Tkf1 has put together a recap of last week’s news:


The Gadget World



Rumors and Speculations

Releases, Updates and Previews

Site Related

  • Interview with iFlat theme creator Deckedsg
  • iFans “Join the Team” event: Draft Day

    Here are the teams;

    _JKK_: Appman; zombie boy99; iBenji; iPwn; Torin_93// Backups: ShadowAssassin; jmswan

    Tinyman392: Halolordkiller3; vs511; Jack Bauer; Bigjzoo; bad blood// Backups: pineapple juice; |||bossons|||

    Axis: Apple951; JeyCee; Jug; JacobVengeance; lauNchD// Backups: jerrysoup, flyingguitar

    Spirit_JB: Tkf1; Half-Life; rrroach21; Prometheus; rmc08// Backups: PieBob1010m; Gamma

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