iFans “Join the Team” event: Draft Day

A couple of moderators have organized a “Join the Team” trivia challenge. Read on for the details:

As inspired from last year’s event, iFans will be hosting another ‘Join the Team’ function. In a month long campaign of recruiting the best and brightest, we mods are now dealt with the difficult decision of picking our teams. Although this event has attracted many qualified participants, only 20 members can participate. Please join us after the break to see if you make the team!

The live draft process is now over. The draft picks are after the jump.

Details of the event:

Event type: Trivia Challenge
When: The trivia challenge will be hosted on 9/10/11 @ 12 PM PST
Where: iFans.com
Prize: Any iTunes game $10.00 (USD) or less from the App Store.
Who: Participants will be selected bellow, TODAY @12 PM PST !

Note to all users: If you don’t make the team, stay tuned and learn from this event. In the future, we will try to select different members to participate.

Here are the picks:

_JKK_: Appman; zombie boy99; iBenji; iPwn; Torin_93// Backups: ShadowAssassin; jmswan

Tinyman392: Halolordkiller3; vs511; Jack Bauer; Bigjzoo; bad blood// Backups: pineapple juice; |||bossons|||

Axis: Apple951; JeyCee; Jug; JacobVengeance; lauNchD// Backups: jerrysoup, flyingguitar

Spirit_JB: Tkf1; Half-Life; rrroach21; Prometheus; rmc08// Backups: PieBob1010m; Gamma

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