Parts of Android Started at Apple

The Next Web reports today that Apple and HTC’s legal mess has disclosed a small statement about Android’s inventor – Andy Rubin – in the early days of his career. According to the excerpt from Apple’s complaint, Rubin started his development of Android while working for Apple back in the early 1990s. Here’s what Apple had to say in the document:

Mr. Rubin began his career at Apple in the early 1990s and worked as a low-level engineer specifically reporting to the inventors of the ’263 [realtime API] patent at the exact time their invention was being conceived and developed. [...] It is thus no wonder that the infringing Android platform used the claimed subsystem approach of the ’263 patent that allows for flexibility of design and enables the platform to be “highly customizable and expandable” as HTC touts.

This is a great bit of history that not many knew about before, and it sort of puts a different viewpoint on the whole subject.

[FOSS Patents via TNW]

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