Parallels Desktop 7 Released

Parallels has announced the next major release of their virtualization software for Macs, which allows users to run any OS (Windows and Lion included) from within OS X. Parallels Desktop 7 features deep Lion support, including Launchpad and Mission Control integration. Existing Parallels users can upgrade for $49, but new customers will have to fork over the full $79.99 (student versions are available for $39.99). The program boasts 45% faster 3D graphics and improved startup times, and is arguably the most “native” way to virtualize on OS X. Parallels Desktop 7 will be released to the public on September 6th, but if you already own version 6, you can start enjoying the update today.

If your wallet feels a bit light, check out VirtualBox, which can offer a similar experience for free.

With over 90 new and enhanced features, this latest version makes your Windows applications feel like they were made for Mac. The result? A more intuitive and powerful way to use Windows and Mac side-by-side in a seamless user experience.

Enjoy the best performance on the market

New! Lion integration and support, including Launchpad and Mission Control for Windows programs
New! Shared iSight and FaceTime HD cameras in both Windows and Mac applications
New! Lion as a guest OS
Enhanced! Up to 1 GB of video memory, for ultra-high resolutions and maximum quality settings
Enhanced! With the new Parallels Mobile App, copy-and-paste, enjoy audio, and access your Mac and Windows programs with your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.


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