AT&T Launches LTE in Chicago

According to BGR, August 29th marked the day that AT&T began launching their true 4G LTE service in Chicago. The service is only available on two select devices at the moment: the Momentum 4G and Elevate 4G, which arrived on the 21st of the month. Both devices support standard HSPA+ until LTE comes to a city near you, but that may be unlikely since they only plan on bringing it to 15 cities this year.

Sadly, Chris of The Verge reports that AT&T’s prime competitor to Verizon’s legendary LTE only comes in at a measly download speed of ~6 Mbps (upload about 1.5 Mbps) where he is, but this is with only a single bar. He does remind us that the service isn’t officially launched yet, so speeds and coverage won’t be fully functional until AT&T flips a few more switches. Whether or not this service will be a worthy opponent of big red is yet to be seen, but don’t get your hopes up just yet – and don’t start buying a new phone either.

The introduction of this new technology at this time could be a sign that its coming to the iPhone soon … or is it? Discuss in the comments.

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