iPhone 5 to Feature Smaller than Expected Screen

According to sources for DigiTimes, the next generation iPhone will not feature a large 4″ display, but rather a 3.5 to 3.7″ edge-to-edge panel. The thin bezel will make the screen look larger than its iPhone 4 counterpart, but the overall design will remain largely unchanged. It is also reported that Apple will be switching from a glass backing to metal. Users speculated that Apple would be going “all out” with the next iPhone, but it appears that they will continue to make incremental improvements instead of massive redesigns. Of course, Apple is known for their secrecy, so anything is fair game.

Despite rumors about iPhone 5 featuring a 4.2-inch panel circulating within the IT market for a while, following a leak from Apple’s website in Switzerland in early August, sources from upstream panel suppliers have recently revealed that the iPhone 5′s panel size will still be less than 4-inch.

Image via iFixit


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