Review: SnowCover Pro

The folks over at the cleverly named EyeDevs have been kind enough to supply the iPod touch Fans Member Reviewer Team with a promotional copy of their newest release on the Cydia Store: SnowCover Pro. SnowCover Pro is a MobileSubstrate extension expanding on the original SnowCover concept seen on MacThemes and other forums. You can purchase this product for $0.99 on the Cydia Store. Check out the review after the jump.

SnowCover Pro is a very simple concept: expand the lockscreen music controller. A stock device can fast forward, pause/play, and rewind. Additionally, you can stare at your cover art for the limited time it takes for your screen to shut off. It’s quite limiting. SnowCover Pro changes all that, adding a stylish representation of album artwork along with fantastically effective swipe gestures. With SnowCover Pro, simply double tap to play or pause, swipe vertically to adjust volume, and swipe horizontally to swap tracks.

When music is not playing, the extension might as well not exist. Your lockscreen is free of anything related to the extension. But if you were to start playing some media, SnowCover Pro discreetly starts up.

Additionally, you can adjust the settings of SnowCover Pro by opening the Settings application. In there, simply select the SnowCover Pro cell. From the extension’s tab, you can adjust which gestures you would like to use, how sensitive the application is to the gestures, invert the gestures, show a HUD, and even change the time it takes for the lockscreen to automatically turn off.

But perhaps the killer feature of SnowCover Pro is not that it stylishly renders album artwork with lovely gesture support, but that it’s fully customizable. Any graphic designer can simply create their own SnowCover Pro theme, adjust the dimensions, change the images, and do anything else with the extension that they would like to. A few themes are already floating around Cydia and MacThemes.

That’s not to say that SnowCover Pro is not gorgeous already. It’s simply, easily recognizable, and just all around well done. I cannot praise this extension enough, nor can I find fault in it. No crashes, no issues, no problems. However, some users have found that SnowCover Pro is incorrectly detecting that it has been illegally obtained, displaying an obscuring red box over the screen at all times.

Features: 5/5. Sometimes focusing on something simple is the best.
GUI: 5/5. Simplicity.
Reuse Value: 5/5. It’s far more usable and accessible than the existing controls.
Value for Money: 5/5. I’d be glad to pay $0.99 for gesture based music controls, and many other people have as well. See PocketTouch (which is remarkably less pretty).

Final: 5/5. It’s not perfect, but SnowCover Pro is remarkably good. I would have appreciated some additional themes, but for what it is, SnowCover Pro is without flaws. See EyeDevs for more information, including screenshots.

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