Chromium Coming to Android

Google is taking steps to port the Chrome browser over to Android, a move which has taken a surprisingly long time. In order to keep ChromeOS and Android distinguished in the eyes of the average user, Google will be adopting the ‘Chromium’ moniker, which is currently used by the open-source projects behind Google’s browser/OS. The team will be trashing the existing incomplete port of webkit for Android and replacing it with the new build to reduce any potential confusion to contributors.

We plan to start by setting up a build bot that will compile Chromium’s DRT for Android using the Android NDK, SDK and toolchain. We anticipate a reasonably small set of changes to the Chromium port to achieve this. We’re fully committed to maintaining this new flavor of the Chromium port of WebKit and having a build bot up and running as soon as possible will make this an easier task. At the same time, we will be removing the existing incomplete Android port. This includes the Android-specific code in WebCore/platform/android, as well as any code guarded by the PLATFORM(ANDROID) macro.

It’s unknown when the browser will be released or what features will be included in the port, but bookmark and autofill syncing would be very welcome.


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