TouchDroid Project for the TouchPad Announced

If you were lucky enough to snag a TouchPad (or two, maybe three) during HP’s fire sale this past weekend, then you might want to check out TouchDroid, the ambitious project to port Android to the forsaken webOS tablet. Since Google has yet to open source Honeycomb, the team is starting with an AOSP Gingerbread build, but will move on to a CyanogenMod based build to speed up development, later upgrading to Ice Cream Sandwich when it is released.

The project is still just an idea at this point, so don’t expect any beta builds for some time, but it’s great to see someone breathing new life into the device.

Touchdroid –Android for the HP Touchpad

Greetings, Programs!

Welcome to the official development thread of Touchdroid, by the Touchdroid team. As part of the open Android and RootzWiki communities, we want to make our Android port as open as possible, and providing development insight to all of our users. Since we are just beginning, this threads original post and two or three following posts will be reserved for future use by the team as this will be updated frequently over time.

The Touchdroid Team
Thomas Sohmers (trsohmers) –Twitteremailwebsite
Framework43 –Twitter
John Hale (rhcp011235) –Twitteremailwebsite
Jacob Bell (ProTekk) – Twitterwebsite



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