CyanogenMod Team Issues SITREP

Cyanogen, the founder of the most popular aftermarket Android firmware, was recently hired by Samsung. This caused uncertainty in the community about the direction CyanogenMod would take with its lead developer MIA. Luckily for haters of crapware and terrible GUI skins like HTC’s Sense, the team will continue to operate as normal—with Cyanogen—as soon as he is settled at his new job. There are over 40 developers contributing to the project, so it will likely live on as long as Android itself does.

I’ve been reading rumors that CyanogenMod’s core philosophy is changing, that we’ve been sold, or that we’ve given up and I want to go on record saying none of this is true at all. As you may know, there are only a handful of people that can approve changes for CM but a lot of developers for it. You may have noticed that we are operating at a slightly slower pace than normal, but that’s simply because we’ve been busy and real life responsibilities come before this project. No one is getting paid to work on the product.


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