With Help from iPad, Apple Now Top Mobile PC Vendor

The latest report from Display Search awards Apple the “top mobile PC vendor” spot for Q2 2011, surpassing the previous leader HP. It must be noted that the total number of units shipped include the iPad, which account for 80 percent of Apple’s mobile PC business. Without the iPad, Apple’s total sales are much less noteworthy (but still impressive for a single vendor). Overall, tablets are up 400 percent year-over-year, but laptop sales have only risen 2 percent in the same timeframe. Tablets seem to be disrupting the market the same way netbooks did a few years ago, but it remains to be seen if the growth will be sustainable long-term.

Apple shipped over 13.5 million mobile PCs in Q2’11 for 136% Y/Y shipment growth, overtaking HP for the top spot, according to preliminary results from the latest DisplaySearch Quarterly Mobile PC Shipment and Forecast Report. Nearly 80% of Apple’s mobile PC shipments were iPads, which reached over 10.7 million units, for 107% Y/Y growth. Apple’s total mobile PC shipments (notebook and tablet PCs) were 3.9 million units more than HP’s nearly 9.7 million units for the quarter.

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