Microsoft Confirms Development of App Store For Windows 8

Microsoft has launched a blog entitled “Building Windows 8,” which gives the public an inside look at the development of the company’s latest operating system from the Windows development team themselves. In a recent post published to the blog by Steven Sinofsky, it was made clear that Microsoft has assigned teams of developers to focus on particular areas of the future operating system. Interestingly enough, one of these focus areas was on an App Store, which would presumably be ready for the launch of Windows 8.

It is a surprising move to see Microsoft working on a software package distribution system this late, as Apple has already implemented such a system into iOS over three years ago and followed up with a Mac counterpart, the Mac App Store, just over eight months ago. Nonetheless, a Microsoft-powered App Store creates further competition for Apple’s own App Store, which isn’t always a bad thing.

[MSDN via ArsTechnica]

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