Would Hulu on the iPhone be the coup-de-grace for flash?

Having just set myself up with international VPNs that, among other things, facilitate access to several streaming TV sites in the UK and US, I was pleasantly surprised to hear Jason Kilar supporting the move to support mobile platforms.  The usually tight-lipped CEO of the on-demand US TV streaming portal Hulu.com said ‘we are big believers in mobile and we don’t think about (just) one device only’, ‘mobile is a monster – we are very bullish. We will embrace any device’.

Youtube and Vimeo are already migrating to HTML5 and away from Adobe’s flash. Hulu may be going the same way. This could be the coup-de-grace for Adobe’s industry standard architecture given Apple’s stranglehold snub of the format on iPhone & iPad OS and the growing importance of the mobile platform for content distribution.

Is the decline of such an important format appropriate? Should the community not be pressuring Apple to incorporate flash? Or should the community be pressuring Adobe to rewrite and streamline flash?  Or do we just point blank need to move to a new format, such as HTML5? What do you think?

update: forum member shadowriver has written a great article on the subject of flash and html5 here

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