Calling all Reviewers! iFans Needs YOU!

We Need YOU!Calling all reviewers!  The iFans Review Team needs YOU!  Yes YOU!  No, not the person next to you, YOU! If you have a talent for writing, please read on, if you don’t…  Well, read on if you want to :)

Formed a little over 8 months ago, the iFans Review Team (Generation 2) has expanded to cover many things. We are now looking, once more, for more reviewers that will cover a wide array of review types.

Please read on for more information and requirements to apply for the iFans Review Team.

We will be taking 3-4 applicants in the following categories:

  • Theme Reviewers
  • Cydia Tweak/App Reviewers
  • Android App Reviewers
  • No other categories at this time.

We are looking for the following qualities in our applicants:

  • Writing skill
    • Organization
    • Ability
    • Ease of understanding
  • Crime Record that isn’t huge
  • Able to put out 1-2 reviews per month
  • Able to be an active member on the iFans review team and help out a few times a week.
  • Good communicator
  • Good team worker
  • Be able to meet the 1 review per month minimum deadline.

To apply, please PM me, Tinyman392, the following information:

  • Name (First, Last):
  • Preferred Name (B-Dogz doesn’t count):
  • iFans Username:
  • Applying Position (Cydia, Theme, Android):
  • Relevant Past Writing Experience (if applicable):
    • List them below
  • Writing Sample
    • This writing sample must not be plagiarized! I repeat, no plagiarism! If you are caught plagiarizing, you will receive an infraction and your application will be void – No exceptions.
    • This is to be a full writing sample that is completed. This sample is to be a review, although I care about your little cat and how you got embarrassed in 4th grade, please send a review. The review must be laid out (in some way), organized, and scored to the best of your ability. You may look in these two threads for tips on how to do this:
    • The review doesn’t need to be in the category you are applying for, but it is recommended that it is though.
    • The scoring and layout do not have to be perfect, I just need to know you are capable of organizing some sort of layout and not a yes man when it comes to scoring.
    • Pictures or screenshots are not required, but are recommended.
    • If your review is in another format, like a docx or txt file, then you can send me a link to such a file. If that file contains a virus, worm, trojan, etc as a practical joke, you will receive disciplinary action and your application voided.
    • Grammar, spelling, punctuation will NOT, I repeat, NOT be graded. Please try to get close on spelling and punctuation though and not ignore it entirely, your review still needs to be readable or it may be ignored. Simply put, don’t fret about grammar and punctuation.
  • All of this must be sent in by August 19, 2011 at 11:59:59.99999… PM Central US Time. Anything timestamped after that will be ignored and trashed.

Again, if you wish to apply, just send a PM to Tinyman392 with the above information. Also, if you can, it’d make my organization a lot easier if you could do the following format for the title: RT Application: <Position>: Username, although it’s not required, it’d make it easier on my part. If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQ (frequently asked questions) below first, then post your question in the thread.


  • How old do I have to be to apply?
    • Since this is a volunteer position, we don’t need to deal with child labor laws. So, we do not have an age limit, your baby brother could apply (please don’t make him apply ). You will be chosen solely on your review sample that you send in, so make sure it is good!
  • Do I have to live in the US to apply?
    • No, you can live in Antarctica and apply if you wish. I don’t know if they have internet down there though.
  • How long does the review need to be?
    • There is no set length, however, many of our reviews run around 1200 words in length, that could be a good goal.
  • I sent in an incomplete form, how do I deal with this?
    • Resend my the application with the [RESEND] tag in the title so I know. Also, make sure you tell me this is a redo in the first line so I know to disregard your old submission. Since you were able to catch your own mistakes, you will not be penalized for resending (unless you do it 2+ times ).
  • Can I review something that has been reviewed on iFans already
    • Absolutely. Keep in mind that plagiarism will not be tolerated, you’ll actually recieve an infraction for plagiarizing.
  • I don’t want to PM (BB Code sux! or you lost the ability to PM tisk tisk), how can I send an application in?
    • My email is in my signature, please send it there. Also note, if you are afraid of BB Code, this position might not be the best position for you.
  • I have a small record on file at iFans, can I still apply?
    • Go for it, no one’s perfect, one or two warnings isn’t much, maybe not even a single infraction. However, if you are one with 8 warnings, 3 infraction, and have mods POed at you, I’d consider taking a rain check.

If there are any other questions, please post below.

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