HP Poised to Release a 7-inch webOS Tablet at $299?

Following up today’s news that the TouchPad would now be priced starting at $399, a seven inch version has passed through the FCC (named the “TouchPad-Go”; terrible name, but whatever floats their boat). Given today’s price cut of the 10 inch version, it would seem logical to conclude that a 16 GB seven inch version (what many would consider to be a “lesser” device, with a slower processor, and smaller screen) would also be cheaper. Pricewise, where would that fit in the current HP tablet line up? I’d say it would fit in at about $299 dollars.

The seven inch tablet has been seen in developer builds of webOS since February (it was codenamed the “Opal” at the time), but has yet to be officially announced. It’s still unclear when HP will announce the device, but I’d wager it will be soon. You don’t let the FCC certify a device just to sit on it for several months.

If HP were to put a tablet out at that price, I’d think it would be hugely successful. Instead of an iPod touch, you could get a seven inch tablet for the same price. I know plenty of people who would find that extremely compelling, for obvious reasons. It would also likely give webOS the kickstart it has so desperately needed since, oh, June of 2009 in developers’ eyes.

[WebOSRoundUp, via TheVerge]

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