Accessory Review: The Joy Factory Tournez C-Clamp Mount

“The Joy Factory offers lifestyle-driven digital companion accessories.” Their philosophy is to create “an elite class of digital companion products that bridge today’s complex technology and elicit a joyful experience for the consumer.”

At a first quick glance, this iPad 2 mount appears to be your everyday, generic stand. On the contrary, you really shouldn’t be naming this mount as an everyday stand, since the majority of it is made out of high quality carbon fiber, metals, and plastics. I’m not so sure if a bullet would make this thing flinch.

The box this clamp comes in is rather large. When I opened it, I expected a whole bunch of small items to come with it, but instead it came with only the iPad case which attaches to the clamp, and the carbon-fiber clamp itself. Either way, it’s quite enough for me!


The design of the entire clamp is pretty generic for the most part, but two certain things make it stand out. One, of course, is the true carbon fiber stand shaft. The texture and clear plastic over it keeps it abstract and clean looking, compared to many of the generic stands available. The other thing I’d like to point out is the corners of the case are curved, and leave a gap in-between each other, which makes it both easier to put on and take off, as well as giving it less of a bulky feel.

Design: ★★★★★


  • The Case When you open the box, you’ll see a piece of paper containing a URL linking to instructions on how to properly mount the iPad 2 onto the clamp. It’s pretty straightforward to setup, but it’s worth a look, as it shows how to 100% properly set it up. Under that comes the clamp case, which I find to be designed extremely well. This case is not obtrusive, and even allows for Apple’s Smart Cover to be placed on the iPad while it is mounted on the clamp. The case works by strongly grabbing the iPad’s four corners, and has a circular bulge in the back which has the mounting holes in it for the stand. Overall, it’s a nicely designed case.
  • The StandNow, as for the clamp, what can I say? It’s manufactured and engineered fantastically. There are two joints on the clamp, which are designed as ball-socket joints, which is exactly the way our shoulders and elbows work, the only difference being one is made of metal, and the other is made of bone. To use the clamp, you can simply twist and turn the joints how you want, and tighten it with the small knobs on the sides of them. After they’re tightened, there’s no way it’ll budge; I’ve tried, it’s not going anywhere!

  • Using The ClampAs for the clamping, this is just as simple as the rest. Untighten the metal clamp until it can slip into whatever you’re clamping it to, then tighten it as much as you want. I’ve done it on a glass desk, and it didn’t slide around whatsoever. How exactly? I’m not sure, but it always manages to secure itself perfectly. I’ve thought of so many different ways to use it: I can watch movies in bed, use it on my desk as a wireless secondary monitor, or clamp it onto something in my car so I can watch movies or play games. If you want, you can even clamp your iPad to your desk and grab a keyboard to have the perfect clutter-less desk.

Features: ★★★★★


While the clamp-case is made of plastic, it still feels rather sturdy, and won’t break unless you intentionally try to. While the corners of the case are tapered and thin, the plastic material on the corners consist of thick plastic, rather than thin, cheap plastic. While the case’s quality is pretty good, the quality of the stand and clamp is the best I’ve seen compared to many iPad accessories. The top joint controls the orientation and pose of the iPad, while the lower one controls the height and position. The shaft of the entire clamp is made of carbon-fiber material, used in some types of body armor, and in addition is also made of high-quality hard plastic. This thing won’t break anywhere in the near future. A great thing about these joints, is that if anything ever manages to get stuck inside of them, you can take apart the joint by completely untightening it, then take out whatever got inside, and screw it back together.

Build Quality: ★★★★★


While this carbon-fiber stand, valued at $89.95 MSRP, does have a hefty price tag, the build quality does stand up to it’s price very well. While some people may wonder, “why the heck would I ever need a stand that strong”? As some people know, cheap stands and accessories usually don’t hold up well under constant use, and end up breaking. Personally, I hate re-buying stuff after it has broken; it seems redundant and unethical. Since I clamp my iPad to my desk a lot, the stand itself does a lot of moving, and I often bump into it while getting up. Also, since the pieces on this stand are not flimsy in any way, when I’m transporting it, if dropped, it will not crack or spontaneously lose pieces. Since the product is $89.95, it’s borderline expensive even for the most hardcore iPad user. $70 or $80 would give users more incentive to buy their stand.

Value: ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

Although the price is fairly high for something as simple as an iPad stand, due to my everyday use with my iPad 2, for my news feeds, games, email and more, the quality of the build perfectly suits my needs, as things tend to wear down quickly over time. If I start strong, it will happen a lot more slowly, and I won’t risk breaking the $500+ device mounted to it. For someone who might be using it once every few months, this most likely isn’t the best choice of an iPad accessory. It still serves as a very secure method of mounting your iPad, and I highly recommend using it for constant iPad mounting.

I’d like to thank The Joy Factory for their wonderful sample of the Tournez C-Clamp iPad 2 Mount, and it was a pleasure to review it.

Final Score:


Link to The Joy Factory’s iPad 2 Clamp Product Page

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