Boxee for iPad Released

Boxee, the very social HTPC frontend (and set-top-box), now has an app available for the iPad. The app, available for free on the App Store, allows users to stream content from their computer running the Boxee media manager to an iPad, as well as beam videos from the tablet to a Boxee box.

The app also allows users to aggregate content from sites like TED, YouTube, and more to create a centralized media hub. If you have a large media collection on your PC, check out the cross-platform manager to begin streaming.

Boxee for iPad gives you one place to discover, watch, and share video from the web and your computer.  We built the app to be useful for any iPad user, even those who have never heard of Boxee before, but it has the added benefit for current Boxee Box users that you can send video to your flat screen throught it (we’ll include this for Mac/PC users in the fall update).


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