Comex Shows Off Ways to Fake FaceTime Calls and More

Well-known iPhone hacker comex (yeah, him) unveiled a couple of interesting links via Twitter over the weekend that can be typed into Mobile Safari on your iOS device to do some pretty quirky things. The first URL, facetime-accept://Mom launches a fake FaceTime call from your “mother” when accessed from a FaceTime-compatible device. You can customize the link by changing “mom” to whichever fake caller you would like to show up.

The second link, tellock://, will automatically force your device into a lock screen-esque mode until you press the home button. Other users were quick to point out other links including telprompt://*, which can be customized to dial different numbers on an iPhone, and sms:// for sending messages. iOS 5 compatibility is supposedly lacking, so let us know what works and what doesn’t!


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